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Easter Greetings Bunny Letterpress Card Box Set of 10

Easter Greetings Bunny Letterpress Card Box Set of 10

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Send Easter Greetings from this handsome bunny! Celebrate and share with everyone you love. Easter is the first breath of spring, that in itself is worth celebrating! 

Includes 3 color letterpress card with corresponding envelope.

  • Letterpress cards are 100% cotton paper with rubber based letterpress ink. 
  • Boxed cards are packaged with corresponding envelopes 

As a designer and letterpress printer, I help others share and celebrate the special moments in their lives. In addition to creating paper goods, I am also an abstract artist and part-time crafter.

Doing creative things and learning new skills landed me straight into the world of letterpress printing. I think the entire process is magical including the design, setup, printing and cleanup (even cleanup is fun!) ! I love this beautiful world of paper and it brings me so much joy to be on this journey! 


  • Letterpress cards are 100% cotton paper and printed on one of my 3 antique printing presses. A Heidelberg Windmill (Helga), a C&P New Style (Stella) or a Vandercook #2 Proof Press (Betty). 
  • Boxed cards come with corresponding envelopes in a clear box for easy storage or display or a decorative shipping box that for larger orders. 

Shipping & Returns

Orders will ship within 3-5 days unless there is a delay (I will reach out to you for your direction)! 


Cards are A2 Size (4.5"x5.5") unless otherwise indicated.

Side Effects

You will feel amazing for sending or sharing card love and supporting an artist.

Your person will feel amazing for receiving love from you!

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