Small Part of Big Things!

I love to be a small part of the big things that happen in people's lives. Creating invitations and stationery for special events and occasions brings me so much joy!

Personal & Professional

There are so many events in both our personal and professional life that can be even more special with custom stationery or invitations. I love the confidence I have sending a custom notecard and how put together it makes me seem!

  • Invitations

    Events are always a great time to have custom invitations made. Invitations are the first idea your guests will have about the type of event you will have. 

    I love working with individuals and companies for custom invitations that help set the tone for the event and get invitees excited to be a part of it!

  • Stationery & Notecards

    Notecards, note sheets, hang tags, coasters, etc all fall under this broad and beautiful category. These are quick ways to show off your personality or your brand when you talk to clients, friends and more.

  • Other Printed Goods

    I can't do everything in my letterpress studio, but I have a great network of partners to print the things that I can't! T-shirts, napkins, signs, and any other awesome project you can imagine - I can probably help with design and fulfillment.

Printing for Designers

Do you need a letterpress source for some of your awesome designs? I would love to work with you! This is a great opportunity to offer letterpress to your clients in a way that will keep with both budgets. It's easy to get started - just reach out below!

Let's Partner Up!