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Why With Love Paperie?

I love paper – cards, journals, notepads, notebooks, invitations, recipe cards, and anything made with paper. When the opportunity came up to add a sister store to our coffee shop and bakery, I thought a stationery store was the perfect idea.

 At the start of all new businesses, there is so much to do and decide on, but I knew that I wanted the name to be a phrase that you would use when signing a note or letter. After all, the point of stationery is to write! Taking inspiration from that, With Love, Paperie was formed in 2017.

 The first few months buying merchandise and setting up the shop were a dream and I think back fondly on those days even now. Over the course of the next three years With Love grew into a well-loved shop within our local community and I began the journey of letterpress printing. Shopping paired with coffee and sweets was a winning combination for so many in our area.

 In the beginning of 2020 (right before Covid-19) we decided to close the market due to unforeseen and unbeatable challenges. It was a really difficult decision and bittersweet time for our beautiful market and business that had been our baby for over six years. The coffee shop and bakery were really at an end, but I felt like With Love Paperie had more to give.

 Since March, I have been working diligently to turn With Love Paperie into an online greeting card company focused on celebrating life’s special moments with classic, simple, and slightly quirky designs for anyone and everyone you care about. Life has changed, but we should always do it With Love.

 I hope you will join me on this journey – and send all the love to all the people!


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