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Today More Than Ever - Give Thanks

I thought I was ready for all the changes life was throwing my way! We closed the shop (March 10) and I was ready to jump right into custom invitations and stationery - cue Covid19. Life for everyone came to a screeching halt, along with all of my grand, post Laurel and May plans. 

This year has been hard - maybe even the hardest I can remember, but I am so thankful for:

My people - they support me, celebrate the wins (big and small) and help me recover from any setbacks and face all the challenges that come my way. 

My family - they don't always understand me, but they love me anyway! 

New friends - I have met so many new people through virtual meetings and groups that I am spending more time with (online) and I think that is a really awesome thing that has resulted from this distanced time. 

Who are you thankful for? How can you express that in a meaningful way through Covid distance?

  • Send a card or note to say hello (of course I would recommend this one :))
  • Send a care package - can be as easy as candy and silly games
  • Call (don't text) and let them know you are thinking about them - even if you leave a voicemail. All people need to have human contact! 
  • Send them a book you read and love
  • Order dinner for them through a delivery service
  • Schedule a virtual coffee date to catch up

This is a hard time for everyone and your little thank you or check-in could really mean the world to someone. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture to make their day! 

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