Proud Dog Mom Here!

Proud Dog Mom Here!

Allow me to introduce my sweet babies - Gypsy and Luna! Gypsy and Luna are both Rhodesian Ridgebacks and half sisters. We love having them in our family and we spoil them rotten :) I know having a blog about them is a little extra, but to know them is to love them. 


 Gypsy was born on Valentine's Day - perfect for a dog mom that is constantly celebrating love! She is now 9 years old and is finally accepting that we might be keeping her sister 😂 and has started to play with her. She loves laying by the pool, on the couch or anywhere else that is soft and for hoomans. Gypsy is our protector and loves to "tell us" when anyone and everyone in the neighborhood is on the move. 

Luna is Gypsy's half sister and will be turning 5 in August. She is the sweetest, silliest puppy and always has a smile on her face. It's impossible not to be happy when she is around. Luna is a classic little sister, always wanting to be near and play with Gypsy. She is quiet and a little shy and lets her sister run the show.


They both love to cuddle, snuggle under a blanket, have treats, go for walks and be lazy with their parents. 

These girls are the best therapy and stress relief a business owner mom could ever ask for. Anytime it gets a little tough here in the studio, I just head upstairs and give them all the love and cuddles and life seems so much better. They make everyday a little brighter like most pups do and I couldn't imagine our family without them. 💖

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