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Grace, Patience and Hard Work

I have never been one to shy away from hard work and this new journey has been no exception to that idea. Some things have changed dramatically though - for instance I have been allowing myself the grace to work at a more organic pace and the trying to keep myself focused on being patient, knowing that my efforts will eventually bear fruit. 

I am currently working on so many new and wonderful card projects and I hope to release them into the universe in the next 30 days (goal). It's nice for me to stop and put words to where I am in the process and hopefully encourage others to keep going too! 

Even though I am traveling this road at a more manageable pace and am trying to really enjoy the time creating something new, the one thing I haven't lost sight of is the work. You can't get something from nothing, and the more you put into a creative endeavor the more you get out. 

I am going to stay positive, show myself some grace, and be patient and confident in my efforts. There are days where it is hard to make that happen, but it's okay and I will be better on the other side - just like you will! So I encourage you to keep these thoughts in mind - there are others of us working hard to reach our goals (you are not alone) and some days are better than others. 

Celebrate the little accomplishments and stay focused! 

With All The Love, 


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