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Creating Happiness, Joy, and Relief in Our Daily Lives

As a small business owner, I am constantly evaluating what is working, what isn't and which new directions I should consider. One of the things that has been really on my mind lately is the concept of happiness/joy/relief and how these concepts connect to each other and how they are influenced in our lives. It's a big concept and it can be so overwhelming - so I am breaking it down! Hopefully it will help you too :)

I started with what makes me happy - design, printing, painting and creating. Great so I will have more everyday happiness if I can do more of these things and less of other things. Easy right? Joy is a more constant state of being - but if I can be happier everyday, I can start to cultivate longer lasting joy. Not as easy, but doable.  

Finally, relief. Some of you may wonder how that comes into all of this, but I believe one of the main causes to our lack of happiness and joy are due to a lack of relief - "a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress." I am guilty of causing almost 100% of my own anxiety and stress for no reason other than I can. So, I am working on the hard part! I am working everyday to give myself a break and create relief in my day. 

What does that mean for the shop? It means that I am going to be creating some new collections, some new prints and who knows what else and they may not really "go together" because I want to increase my happiness, therefore cultivating joy and providing relief by letting my creative brain run the show! I hope you like what's coming and if you have any suggestions, drop me an email. 

My challenge to you: Let go of the stress and find relief from the things that bring you happiness and joy.

Always With Love

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